Sonic Vigil V Cassette USB key | Various Artists

Presented in the unique format of a USB key in the shape of a cassette tape
and contained in its own casette box.

The line up of Irish and international artists featured include Karen Power, David Toop,
The Quiet Music Ensemble, Roland Etzin & Kevin Tuohy, MERSK & SoundEye Poets,
The Quiet Club & Francis Heery, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Softday,
Sunfish, and many more.

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Sonic Vigil V Cassette USB key | Various Artists

One of the many highlights of this years Sonic Vigil event (held at The Triskel Christchurch venue) was the launch of a recording and film of last year’s event in the unique format of a USB key in the shape of a cassette tape. This specially packaged USB key includes full audio from the event as well as video footage and photographs by Patricia Klich.

Sonic Vigil began in St Fin Barre's Cathedral in 2005. Over the years it has established a place for sound to happen in Ireland that is unique in its duration and its persistence. Sonic Vigil is presented by the Cork Artists Collective, the core organiser and assembler has been Mick O’Shea, who with Danny Mc Carthy, has co-curated many of the vigils.

Sonic Vigil V was curated by the Quiet Club and Gruenrekorder.

The Sonic Vigil V USB key is produced by ANEAR Productions and is released by Farpoint Recordings (Ireland) and Gruenrekorder (Germany).

Full list of audio tracks below:

Karen Power (IRL)
The Quiet Music Ensemble (IRL)
Lasse-Marc Riek (DE)
Softday (IRL)
Sunfish (IRL)
David Toop (UK)
The Quiet Club & Francis Heery (IRL)
D'incise (CH)
MERSK & Soundeye Poets (IRL)
Bricklayers Lament 20 turntable parlour orchestra (IRL)
La Societe des Amis du Crime (IRL)
Roland Etzin & Kevin Tuohy (IRL/DE)
Anthony Kelly & David Stalling (IRL/DE)
The Concerned Parasites ubh Korka Gweena (IRL)

Audio recordings engineered by Rob Collins.

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