The Quiet Club

(limited edition 300)

screen printed cover
signed and numbered

Artwork by Mick O'Shea

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The Quiet Club | TESLA

The Quiet Club are Mick O’Shea and Danny McCarthy. Formed in Feb 2006 they have met with considerable success and have become recognised as one of Ireland’s leading sound art improvisation groups. They have toured extensively in Ireland and have appeared in festivals in both Germany, Canada. and Japan. Most recently at DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival), Static (Liverpool) and I& E Festival, (Dublin). They frequently appear with guests which in the past included Mark Wastell, Viv Corringham, John Godfrey, Harry Moore, Christian Carley, David Toop plus many others. Employing a wide range of sound making devices ranging from stones , home made instruments, electronics, amplified textures, oscilloscopes , thermins, field recordings etc.. they continue to push the boundaries of sound making and listening.

Track List:
Controversial Measurement 18'35
Magnetic Field Rotation 23'24
Free Energy Receiver 13'58

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