SONIC VIGIL 4 | Various Artists

A new 4 CD boxset Strictly Limited Edition of 150

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SONIC VIGIL 4 | Various Artists

This limited edition 4 CD box set (strictly 150 numbered copies) comes in a specially designed box by Mick O'Shea. It features live recordings of the artists made at Sonic Vigil 4 in St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork, July 2009 as part of the AVANT Festival. Artists include Francis Heery, Roland Etzin, Angus Carlyle, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Jaap Blonk, The Quiet Club and John Godfrey, SAFE and many others. The box set also contains a set of artists cards and an introduction by Paul Hegarty, author of Noise/Music A History.

The Sonic Vigil 4 box set is produced by ANEAR Productions and is released by Farpoint Recordings (Ireland) and Gruenrekorder (Germany)


Sonic Vigil began in St Fin Barre's Cathedral in 2005. Over the years it has established a place for sound to happen in Ireland that is unique in its duration and its persistence. Sonic Vigil is presented by the Cork Artists Collective, the core organiser and assembler has been Mick O’Shea, who with Danny Mc Carthy, has co-curated many of the vigils. Sonic Vigil 4 was curated by the Quiet Club, Gruenrekorder and Soundeye. All those involved in Sonic Vigil would like to thank the staff of the Cathedral and the Deans for welcoming this unusual event.


“A vigil takes time. In the sonic vigil, sound shapes this time. A succession of such times have unfolded at St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, and what you hear, here, is the Sonic Vigil of 2009, the fourth, which had a duration of over six hours. In this time, visitors to the cathedral came and went, but listening was ever-present. It is the sound that holds the vigil, awaiting our attention. As we attend, a community forms, resonating into being, through the audible appearance of sounds machinic and organic; vocals, worded and not; recordings from the real world, recordings made only from data, along with home-made and uncanny instrumentation. The Sonic Vigil has always sought to be more than sound, and this begins in the interaction with the stone, wood and glass of the cathedral, and continues in juxtaposition with video art exhbitions, and installations. In the fourth such vigil, the day heard an interplay between sound poetry, field recording, sound art and noise music. Each sonic vigil is unique and almost every moment of it the only time these sounds will combine. This is the first time that the largely improvised day has been captured.”

Paul Hegarty


Full artist list and timings:

Disc 1
Francis Heery 18.43
Mersk 20.49
Anthony Kelly & David Stalling 19.33
Angus Carlyle 19.32

Disc 2
The Quiet Club and John Godfrey 17.24
Oliver Nijs 23.30
SAFE 20.06
Roland Etzin 19.31

Disc 3
Female Orphan Asylum 19.33
Suspicion Breeds Confidence 17.44
Tony Langlois 21.40

Disc 4
Christine Wertheim 6.19
Jerome Rothenberg 15.08
Jaap Blonk 33.35


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