Radios Silent!

Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

14 minute composition incorporating unidentified
sounds culled from the peripheries of recent field recordings.

Limited Edition of 100
Signed | with Handmade Sleeve

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Radios Silent! | Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

"This 14 minute composition balances on the verge of ambient, noise, voice collage and intersects with the minimal end of the avant-garde. These musicians dazzilingly manage to create for the listener a sustained composition across the entire track. Some voice levels, bass re-rolls and a repeated foreground guitar solo (if I am allowed to call it that) create emotional contexts. The best way to listen to this music is on headphones in a thick of darkness. As the minimalism crosses with restraint, the softness of the piece does not tire - and the composition has a thirty second fade out. As always, high marks for the graphic design and packaging." (Real Art Magazine, Russia)

"Radios Silent! by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling uses sonic material in the form of field recordings taken recently in New York on a small cassette tape recorder. Passing voices, conversations and street noise, merge into the ambient fabric of the piece as it slowly grows towards a peak before gently falling off, finally dispersing itself in a gentle wash.The combination of 'found' and played sounds subtley reflect the atmosphere of New York where the title of the composition was noted at the entrance of a city bus." (Marco Paolucci, Kathodik Magazine, Italy)

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