Ever Different Waters Flow

Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

8 hour audio composition
5.1 surround DVD
multiple of 75, signed, handmade sleeve

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Ever Different Waters Flow | Anthony Kelly | David Stalling | 5.1 Audio DVD Multiple

Microscopic and macroscopic treatment of a single drone sound. The drone, slowly travelling in different layers over each other, forms the main spine of the composition and creates a trance-like state of flow. This state of trance is constantly altered by high and low level versions of the drone, zooming in and out of the material to observe small details, sometimes sparse and transparent, sometimes very dense and unfathomable. The drone sound is at times magnified to the extremes, so that it appears at subsonic and ultrasonic levels, almost beyond the human audible spectrum.

Every so often, a single bell sound appears, to mark larger sections within the overall structure, breaking the trance state, and bringing back into the listener's consciousness the passing of time.

As the composition unfolds, it presents an ever-changing, ever-flowing stream of events, consisting of but of a single component that in its different shapes appears and dissolves from one moment to the next. Some passages are very soft and static; others build up over long stretches of time towards saturative climaxes which then gradually recede.

Kelly/Stalling, Cork 2005

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