Halfhead EP

Jay Roche

3 track Audio CD
Limited edition of 100
With a set of 3 postcards
Signed by the artist (see images below)

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Jay Roche | Halfhead EP | Audio CD

The Halfhead ep is a collection of three tracks by the visual artist Jay Roche. Approached by Farpoint Recordings to create a number of recordings for the label in 2007, he brought to the process the disparate interests of field recording, dub soundscapes and musique concrete. The musicality of the pieces is, however, more incidental than intentional as Roche's main concern was to create a sense of place or 'a space' in which sound is created. The titles of the tracks - Halfhead, Lefthander and Equator refer to a disassociated state where location and direction are obscured and where sound takes over as the main descriptive medium.

Jay Roche is a visual artist based in County Wicklow, Ireland. His current projects include Random Dream System and Projector Collective.

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