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Welcome to the second edition of our occasional series of free downloads.
This time we are pleased to offer you a free download consisting of a 140 page full colour
Strange Attractor ePublication and an audio section featuring six tracks recorded at Studio Soto, Boston,
and Harvestworks, New York. We hope you will enjoy it.

Strange Attractor
Experiments in a quinary landscape and other fields

Anthony Kelly | Danny McCarthy | Irene Murphy | Mick O’Shea | David Stalling
Farpoint catalogue fp049


Strange Attractor’s economy is rich in the extraction and exploration of ideas and processes
creating sound and visual possibilities using installation, still and moving images, video documentation
and performance. Working in equanimity towards strategic open-ended outcomes, the quintet and their
guests develop new micro and macro units and schisms of sound and visual components in each ‘gig’ or performance
creating multiple points of entry ...and departure.

(from Strange Attractor, Experiments in a quinary landscape and other fields by Dawn Williams)

Following their two recent and very well received Strange Attractor live performances at Art In Science at UCD, Dublin,
and the Fine Art Faculty of IADT, Dublin comes this beautifully designed 140 page ePublication. It features detailed
essays by Jed Speare, EL Putnam, Stephen Vitiello and Dawn Williams and full colour photography by Doreen Kennedy
capturing Strange Attractor’s Boston and New York installation & live performance project during the summer of 2012.
The ePublication also includes sections on their performance in The Library Room at the Crawford Galley during December 2012,
a list of live performances to date, and artist biographies and other project related information.

The audio section features six tracks of live recordings from performances at Studio Soto and Harvestworks.
Guests at these unique live events include Stephen Vitiello, Jed Speare, Liz Ronka, Ernest Karel, EL Putnam,
Sara June, Sven Anderson, members of Mobius Quartet and the New England Forum for Acoustic Ecology amongst others.
The recordings have been edited and compiled by Jed Speare and Stephen Vitiello.
You can find a full track listing below.

Bernard Clarke, Nova, RTE lyric FM has described Strange Attractor as “The finest experimental improv in the country at present”.

sound propagated like
puffs of mists in
an antique parlor

(from Strange Attractor, Beyond the Sea by Jed Speare)


Your free download includes a zip file containing:

Strange Attractor ePublication(pdf file, 140 pages)
Strange Attractor Live Recordings(total ca. 4hrs, various audio formats available)

Please visit our bandcamp page to get your free download

Track listing:
1/ Studio Soto, Boston, August 8th 2012, with guests EL Putnam, Jed Speare, Jane Wang | 34’24’’

2/ Studio Soto, Boston, August 10th 2012, with guests Mobius Quartet (James Coleman, Derek Hoffend, Tom Plsek,
Jed Speare), and EL Putnam | 36’20’’

3/ Studio Soto, Boston, August 11th, with guests Sara June, Max Lord, EL Putnam, Liz Roncka, Jed Speare,
Jane Wang | 34’17’’

4/ Harvestworks, New York, August 13th&14th, with guest Stephen Vitiello | 45’19’’

5/ Studio Soto, Boston, August 15th, with members of the New England Forum for Acoustic Ecology: Michael Bullock,
Linda Aubry Bullock, Shawn Greenlee, Ernst Karel, Stephan Moore, Jed Speare and EL Putnam | 50’54’’

6/ Studio Soto, Boston, August 16th, with guests Sven Anderson, Ed Osborn, along with EL Putnam and Jed Speare | 38’38’’

Performances at Studio Soto recorded and mastered by David Stalling. Compiled and edited by Jed Speare.
Performances at Harvestworks recorded by Paul Howells. Stereo mix by David Stalling. Compiled and edited by Stephen Vitiello.