No Meat No Bone | The Quiet Club

First Edition of 148 copies

Special collectors' edition with 7” cover, including die-cut feature and postcard set with images and texts by Jane Hirtchfield, Michel Waisvisz and The Quiet Club. Published as a first edition of 148 copies, each hand numbered and enclosed in a clear plastic wallet. CD packaging design and assembly by Mick O’Shea.

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No Meat No Bone | The Quiet Club

Farpoint Recordings are delighted to announce the release of McCarthy & O’Shea’s second solo outing as The Quiet Club. The CD arrives with all the exquisite attention to sound and visual detail that one has come to expect from this unique collaborating duo.

we are in a decertified with debris of all languages. the de-composition of meaning has progressed rapidly; all phrases, words and even recognisable syllables have completely disappeared.

excerpt from a text by Michel Waisvitz

During January and February 2016, Danny McCarthy and Mic O’Shea were invited to work as artists in residence at the Rauschenberg Foundation in Captiva Florida. The residency was housed in Robert Rauschenberg Studio’s and estate.

While there, The Quiet Club utilised the studio and other facilities and quickly settled into a regular series of daily improvisation and recording sessions. Meeting each day at 2pm in the shed on Jungle Road allowed for a run of highly focussed and intense collaborations, the results of which can be heard on this CD - No Meat No Bone.

The Quiet Club
No Meat No Bone

Fire Ants 20.36
Jungle Road 16.06
Waldo Cottage 16.41
Laika Lane 14.22
Snow Birds 11.24

The Quiet Club has met with considerable success and is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading sound art improvisation groups – comprising Danny McCarthy and Mick O’Shea, this duo continues to push the boundaries of sound making and listening by employing a wide range of sound producing devices including stones, homemade instruments, electronics, amplified textures, theremins and field recordings.

Listen to an excerpt of this release here:


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