As the quiet crow flies | The Quiet Club + crOw

First Edition of 500 copies.

Special foldout booklet printed on heavy uncoated board
with full colour photography by Doreen Kennedy.
Published as an edition of 500 copies, each one hand numbered.

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As the quiet crow flies | The Quiet Club + crOw

The confluence of one of 2015’s worst storms, a consequently stranded singer and postponed sound-check, and proximity to the home of a certain Mr Roche resulted in the whiling away of an unexpectedly free evening in each other’s good company. Much listening and some making of sounds resulted in “As the quiet crow flies”.

“As the quiet crow flies” is the result of a collaboration between two of Ireland’s most innovative duos – The Quiet Club and crOw. The Quiet Club has met with considerable success and is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading sound art improvisation groups – comprising Danny McCarthy and Mick O’Shea, this duo continues to push the boundaries of sound making and listening by employing a wide range of sound producing devices including stones, homemade instruments, electronics, amplified textures, theremins, field recordings, etc.

crOw is saxophonist Cathal Roche and composer Ian Wilson on laptop, e-guitar and sound objects. crOw draws upon a broad range of influences and sound sources to create a distinct improvisational voice which incorporates many musical archetypes. crOw also seeks to respond to its performative environment by adjusting its sound parameters in real time in order to engage the acoustic and architectural properties of the auditorium itself in performance.

The Quiet Club + crOw
As the quiet crow flies

Recorded live in The Model, Sligo, 5th December 2015. Sound engineers Ray Duffy and Patrick Curley. Edited by Ian Wilson. With thanks to Tara McGowan and The Model, Sligo, Ireland.

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