Karen Power | is it raining while you listen

First Edition of 500 copies.

New album by Cork based composer Karen Power, featuring compositions & field-recording based work alongside short notes by Mary Nunan, Chris Watson and David Toop.

Presented as a full colour tri-fold A5 size booklet printed on uncoated paper stock, each hand numbered.

Available now for only € 12.00 (incl. VAT)


is it raining while you listen | Karen Power

This CD is presented as a special fold-out booklet, printed on uncoated board and paper. The edition is limited to just 500 copies with each one hand numbered. The tri-fold booklet contains short sleeve notes by invited contributors Mary Nunan, Chris Watson and David Toop. The unique package design is by Doreen Kennedy with photography by John Godfrey, which delicately complements Karen's compositions and the short texts scattered throughout.


"is it raining while you listen is a series of frozen sonic moments. It's my first CD and the compositions date from 2007 right up to a field-recording based work written specially for the CD; forever ricefields. Some of them are electronic recordings and some involve exceptional performers from all over the world I've been lucky enough to collaborate with. I've also worked with artists from many other disciplines and to represent their voices in my work I've asked several of them to provide text, poetry, photographs and even the design of the CD cover right down to the texture of the paper. is it raining while you listen is a labour of love and could not have happened without the enthusiasm and dedication of Farpoint Recordings."

Karen Power

Track Listing:

1/ hang on, i'm not ready for a pig yet | Claire Duff & Tape | 9'00''
2/ the colourful digestive palette of slugs | SCAW Duo & Tape | 9'30''
3/ is it raining while you listen | Mmm Trio | 9'30''
4/ flies who dreamt of more than windscreens | Quiet Music Ensemble & Tape | 8'20''
5/ forever ricefields | Tape | 14'00''
6/ relocating elk...by train | Carin Levine & Tape | 7'30''
7/ squeeze birds to improve your garden's plant variety | Nova Ensemble & Tape | 9'00''
8/ fried rice, curried chip and a diet coke | Tape | 10'30''

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