Two Places

Various Artists

Colour publication with a full length Audio CD
featuring tracks by participants.

Introduction by curator Seán McCrum.

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Two Places | Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast and University of Limerick

Michael Alcorn, Kieran Ferris, Barbara Freeman, Anthony Kelly and David Stalling, Slavek Kwi, Gráinne Mulvey, Pedro Rebelo, Jürgen Simpson, Paul Wilson

Project curated by Seán McCrum

Two Places happens in The Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast and The University of Limerick simultaneously. It asks participants to use the two places as their creative resources. Each site is the reverse of the other - Ormeau Baths Gallery is a single building containing a number of different galleries. University of Limerick is a fifty-two acres site, with many separate buildings set in a landscape. Seven projects are involved. Each project chose a particular site in Ormeau Baths Gallery and University of Limerick. This project centres upon events, not static exhibits. Sound and visual are equal partners with each other and the place, which they inhabit.
( Seán McCrum, January 2008)

On the CD:

1. Kieran Ferris Urban Drone 1 (3.00)
2. Kieran Ferrias Urban Drone 2 (3.29)
3. Barbara Freeman and Paul Wilson SHRDLU (4.38)
4. Anthony Kelly and David Stalling Ghost Signals, Limerick (3.50)
5. Anthony Kelly and David Stalling Ghost Signals, Belfast (3.52)
6. Slavek Kwi AudioArticle::::Liquid[Reality_Particles] (7.06)
7. Grainne Mulvey Parallel Light (10.20)
8. Pedro Rebelo and Michael Alcorn Between Two Plates (10.02)
9. Jűrgen Simpson and Eoin Brazil Hanging Gardens (Limerick) (6.22)

Two Places Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast University of Limerick 19th January – 1st March 2008 in both places simultaneously

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