Anthony Kelly, Danny McCarthy, Irene Murphy,
Mick O’Shea and David Stalling

First Edition of 500
80 Pages plus cover, full colour

A full colour publication featuring images from the
live performances and gallery installations alongside
specially commissioned essays by David Toop, Stephen Vitiello,
Claire Healy, Steve Roden, Jed Speare and Bernard Clarke.

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"The finest experimental improv in the country at present".
Bernard Clarke, Nova, RTE Lyric FM

The book contains specially commissioned essays by David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, Claire Healy, Steve Roden, Jed Speare and Bernard Clarke. The full colour photography throughout by Patrica Klich covers all aspects of the live performances and gallery installations across the year long duration of the project.

The DVD includes a short documentary about the Strange Attractor project by Maciek Klich. There is over 70 mins of audio taken from the live performances featuring guest artists David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, Alessandro Bosetti, Jed Speare and Steve Roden. Additional content on the DVD includes in-depth photo galleries (with photograpy by Patricia Klich and pin-hole camera images by Harry Moore) covering further aspects of the live performances and gallery installations.


'Strange Attractor grew from a durational performance in the Crawford Art Gallery’s historic sculpture gallery to launch the AVANT festival of progressive arts in 2009. The project’s exciting development has seen a series of collaborative ventures between the five artists. Strange Attractor has grown through conversation, collaboration and perhaps a little idealism from simple structures to create monthly visual and sound performances. So that international sound artists were invited to ‘play’ over a four- hour period with the five protagonists; each ‘gig’ residing in alternating spaces in the Crawford Art Gallery.

The monthly performances or gigs were in hindsight preparation and test sites, as Strange Attractor took its next form in a month long residency in Crawford Art Gallery in April 2011. Here the artists moved into two large-scale temporary exhibition galleries, both as a group and as individuals, creating components to form an evolving instrument that the listener/viewer could explore’.

Dawn Williams, Curator, Crawford Art Gallery


'The large gallery of work-in-progess and concerts, the notion of process, sharing, and sound as a dialogical component, with each concert a marking device and focal point, as though an epoch preceded it, or announced what would follow, on a continuum of time. This aspect also emphasized a working process together, rather than segregating or highlighting the artists individually.

The artists were working together on a horizontal axis, and there are at least three or four pairs of professional and personal partnerships within the group of five. This fact probably led to an ease in egos and tacit, exemplary cooperation.'

Jed Speare, Director of Mobius, Boston's artist-run centre for experimental work in all media and Studio Soto, a space for ideas

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