Sound Out

Max Eastley | Christina Kubisch
Scanner | Akio Suzuki |

Catalogue of sound installation, Cork
Includes Audio CD
featuring work by above artists

Foresound by Danny McCarthy
Essay by David Toop

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Sound Out | Max Eastley | Christina Kubisch | Scanner | Akio Suzuki |

'What can sound give to a city; what is it giving or taking from my life? These are the kind of questions we ask of sound, thinking of it as an active force, like thunderclaps, a flock of geese, or a bass drum heard from a passing car. Already, things are upside down, but this is hardly surprising. Sound enforces itself in the urban environment with an iron fist: the brutal percussion of digging machines, the banshee wail of sirens, loud music and the dull undertow of motor traffic. These are all necessary, more or less, and accepted as signs of commerce, movement, and the infrastructure at work, but where are the intimacies of the social, or those sounds that alert us to the peculiarities and flow of a city, its people, its organic life, its ceremonies, its surfaces and its spaces?

If we expect sound art merely to give, or to invade, just like the digger or the bass drum, then we miss the other side. Maybe we should think of sound as an ear, a mirror, a resonant echo, or a carrier. Like a bird building a nest, sound can move through an environment, building a structure from the materials it finds. Sound can say, quite simply, wait here, because a remarkable moment may happen. In the waiting, we discover how little we wait, expectations alerted to the finest of unknown sensations, all of them a part of the place in which we find ourselves. Or sound may say, these are the invisible traces of memories that have collected over centuries; this is the unique atmosphere of this precise spot, too humble to be noticed in the rush of ordinary life, yet as rich as a good meal, an uplifting conversation, a flash of inspiration bursting from a line of poetry...'

David Toop (excerpt from his essay in the catalogue)

On the CD:

Light & Temperature 1 & 2

Aeolian Flutes in Spitzbergen
Max Eastley

Shared Words
Christina Kubisch

Ta Yu Ta I #2
Akio Suzuki