Schirin Nowrousian | Ziryabs Gnu

64 page Publication featuring poetry
and an Audio CD of readings by Schirin Nowrousian
with sound interludes by Anthony Kelly and David Stalling.

Limited Edition of 200.
Available while stocks last.

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Schirin Nowrousian | Ziryabs Gnu

64-page publication featuring poetry in German & English with a CD of readings by Schirin Nowrousian. The CD also contains short sound interludes by Anthony Kelly & David Stalling. Special numbered limited edition of 200 available while stocks last.

Out of soil of water
grows from below

Light to light

SN, Dublin, 19/II/2002

During 2001 & 2002 Schirin Nowrousian's travels led her to Dublin, where she spent intense time thinking and writing many texts. Some of these, amongst others can be found in this book...
Schirin Nowrousian was born in Germany and grew up in the Ruhr area. She lived for many years in France (mainly in Paris, but also in other regions) and now resides in Brussels.

For details about the book launch event at the Goethe Institut Dublin please click here

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