Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

A new 50 page book and audio CD
Edition of 250 signed by the artists
Photographs by Bastian Hessler
Graphic Design by Doreen Kennedy

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Unknown Point | Anthony Kelly & David Stalling

This 50 page publication features photographs by Bastian Hessler, an introduction by Grainne Mulvey and a discussion with Sean McCrum and the artists plus an audio CD relating to the Unknown Point series of sonic & visual installations.

The project was commissioned as part of Visualise Carlow, a series of temporary public art projects devised as an advance programme for The National Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow.


"Without specific places in the land, triangulation is impossible. To find the unknown point, two exactly known points are needed; the other is calculated from them. Next, these measured points are used as resources for constructing a map. They assume that a cultural code, triangulation, is known and accepted as accurate.

However, only the measurements are concise. A map itself carries a set of cultural assumptions and specific intentions. It begins by assuming that a number of agreed notations and visual signs can define and make usable a two-dimensional system of references to three-dimensional places. There are similarities to the coding of landscape painting and to this project. These notations act as metaphors for their sources.

A map carries whatever references a map-maker wishes to state or infer. An obvious example in European culture is Mercator’s projection, which stresses the presence of Europe through proportionality expressed in a map as a permanent power symbol. A very different example is an Inuit snow map, which is temporary, indicates where the originator and viewer are, where a destination is and how to reach that point; it also indicates the starting point of a journey. It incorporates a process, similarly to this project."

from Unknown Point by Seán McCrum


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